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imgAfter checking and investigating the marks on your credit report, we identify areas which can be challenged. We conduct further research into your file, compile evidence to contest the mark and start to build a case for removing the mark and providing you with a clear credit rating.

You will also need to sign a privacy consent form, allowing us to correspond with finance providers, reporting agencies and regulatory bodies. After receiving this consent, we speak with the companies involved, challenging the mark using the evidence we have previously gathered.

Reaching a Resolution – How can I fix my credit rating?

In the ‘Challenge’ stage of the process, we draft and send correspondence to the company which placed the mark on your credit report. We outline the reasons for its removal, identifying any actions they may have taken which we believe do not follow correct procedure.

We are committed to assisting you to achieve a clear rating and will work with you until we have a credit fix. In the rare event the matter is not resolved after our initial correspondence, we can escalate your challenge. Our backing by a top law firm means we have access to the legal support to further your case.

Negotiation to fix your credit rating

Most often, you have received a mark against your file for late payment which has been the result of a mistake. If you’re an otherwise excellent repayer, we can also negotiate on your behalf to have the mark removed.

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