Australian Credit Repair Assistance

We could help repair your credit. Our personalised service provides credit repair support across Australia – by speaking in easy to understand terms. We want the best outcome for you and can help you by explaining the issues and the options available to you. Credit repairs can also be time-consuming. We have the knowledge and experience to pursue an outcome for you, working on your case until a conclusion is reached. We also have positive, professional relationships with finance companies, utilities and other providers to help you resolve your issues quicker. We are known as one of the premier credit repair companies in Australia, and this reputation has been forged through our great customer service and commitment.

Repair credit and take financial control How our process works

  • STEP 1


    We listen to our clients and understand what the situation is with their credit file this is when we have a look at your credit history and determine the best action needed to remove the listings.

  • STEP 2


    Once we have all the evidence and dispute in place our team then contacts the creditor and disputes the listing we have a great relationship with the creditors and we help resolve the issues with your case we DO NOT LIKE OTHER COMPANIES ask equifax to look into this we do all the investigation ourselves that’s why we are one of the most preferred companies in Australia.

  • STEP 3


    Once we have all the information back we will go through this with a very fine tooth comb and spot what the creditor may have missed while they defaulted your file once we have identified the error it will be we write back or call the creditor to point our their error.

  • STEP 4


    Once they have seen the error pointed out by your case officer its goodbye default off your file then we get you a new file to show you the result of removal we only charge you once we have a result of removal or confirmation of the default being removed guaranteed.

If you are suffering from defaults, credit enquiries, court judgments or black marks then credit repair is a great solution. Many creditors wrongly stamp negative marks onto your credit file. However, through the process of credit repair, these negative listings can often be contested and successfully rectified.

The credit repair process is much easier than you might think. While negative credit listings can remain on your file for a number of years, in some instances, credit repair can wipe your slate clean within as little as 30 days. Bad credit holds thousands of Australians back from getting loan approval each year. However, if you fix your credit rating with credit repair then you can apply for finance again with confidence.

Quick credit repair Australia wide don’t let bad marks define your future and chances of obtaining credit for the next 5 to 7 years.

We provide great solutions with our expert team who care and listen to your problems, our way is very simple we do not charge you nothing upfront, no hidden upfront fees no risks, why because we believe if we can remove it then that’s when we should be paid, don’t fall for the upfront fee trap.


A credit default will sit on your file for at least 5-7 years weather paid or unpaid but there could be a potential error with the listing we resolve this issue and help.

Court Judgments

Court action seen by a lender as a serious mark as the plaintiff would have had to take you to court to get their money we can help resolve this.

Repayment History

A creditor will want to see that you are making repayments on time and the credit reporting code shows good and bad behavior if you have missed payments you need to have this looked into.

Credit Application

Too many credit applications will show a lender you are desperate for credit or you may have been a victim of fraud let us resolve this issue.

What Our Client Say We collect reviews from our clients so you can get an honest opinion of what an experience with our company are really like!

Defaults We Remove on a Daily Basis Common causes of bad credit can vary from relationship breakdowns, moving address or lost mail to financial hardship and disputed accounts.