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Credit Repair Services in Australia

imgWe provide professional credit repair services which assists individuals to achieve a clear credit rating.
No matter what the mark on your file or how it got there, if you believe the default marked against you was in error, our straightforward approach to checking, challenging and cleaning files could help you, like many, successfully achieve a clear credit rating.
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Improve Your Rating with the Professional & Ethical Credit Repair Experts

We assist individuals to challenge and clear marks on their file. We provide a credit restoration service to achieve the best solution for your situation by investigating, challenging and clearing your file and providing you with a fresh start in applying for finance. Our professional and caring team are committed to work for you, with our ethical approach backed by a legal associates and partners with over 30 years’ legal experience.

Who’s Eligible for Free Credit Repair Services

You may have applied for finance or attempted to obtain pre-approval for a loan only to find you have a mark on your file. It can be a shock to be knocked back for finance. Having a mark on your file can be a hindrance in many aspects of life, whether you’re seeking a loan or applying for a mobile phone contract. Even if you do obtain finance, it can be at a much higher interest rate, sending you further into debt and making it easier to miss future repayments.

Check, Challenge, Clean Credit Restoration

We approach your situation with our 3C Process: Check, Challenge, Clean, guiding you through each step. Our credit restoration team will check the bad marks on your file, gather evidence to challenge the company which placed the mark there and finally clean your file. Clearing bad marks can allow you to apply for finance more easily in the future and gain greater control over your finances.

Who We Can Help

Credit repairs aren’t as simple as paying your debts. Some listings can remain on your file for up to seven years. If the default has been legitimately reported, it may not be possible to remove from your report. We can investigate, and report on whether the bad mark can be challenged. In some instances, we may be able to negotiate with the company that placed the mark against your name.

Human Side of Finance

Our personalised service provides support by speaking in easy to understand terms. We want the best outcome for you and can help you by explaining the issue and the options available to you. Credit repairs can also be time-consuming. We have the knowledge and experience to pursue an outcome for you, working on your case until a conclusion is reached. We also have positive, professional relationships with finance companies, utilities and other providers to help you resolve your issues quicker.

No Win, No Success Fee Guarantee*

Don’t suffer any more hardship, reduce repayments and get approved for finance.

  • Most competitive price
  • Our investigation team does all the work and takes the stress away from you
  • Fast Credit Repair
  • We are the leaders in credit repair
  • Get Approved for Loans/Finance with a Clean Credit File
  • Remove defaults, court judgements ,clear-outs completely off your file
  • Only a small admin fee to start the investigation and no further charge unless the listing is removed please see terms and conditions below for full pricing and FAQ section 16.
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You’re one step away from choosing the best team in the industry. If we can’t help you, no one can.

*see Terms and Conditions

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