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A Credit Repair Service That's By Your Side Each Step of the Way

We are a professional credit repair service which assists individuals to achieve a clear rating. If you believe the mark should not be there, our team will investigate for errors and remove those errors once identified it's your right.

imgDisputing marks against your file can be time consuming and requires diplomacy in dealing with the company that placed the mark on your file. Our expert team has experience approaching these issues to pursue a positive outcome for you and achieve a clear rating.

We stay up to date with the latest Australian legislation and negotiation procedures.

Individual Care

imgMaking financial decisions can be difficult without coming across an unexpected stumbling block such as a poor rating on your file. We understand it can be a frustrating experience attempting to obtain a clear rating alone, and difficult to understand the technical financial terms and processes.

Our credit repair service is designed to be as straightforward as possible, with our 3C Process – this positions us as one of the best fast credit repair companies in Australia. We talk you through the process from start to finish and work with you carefully to help you remove unfair judgement and disputable or contestable negative listings. We fight alongside you until we have reached a conclusion and are available to answer any questions along the way.

No Win, No Fee default

Our case managers get straight to work on your file. No matter how hard or time consuming, we are committed to helping our customers fix their financial history.

We have helped many customers move on by clearing errors on their files.

Please note: we have a small non-refundable admin investigation fee to start

*see Terms and Conditions

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