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Testimonial 9

Tina Bonanno

I am very happy with the out come of the service provided from George Miller from Real Credit Repairer’s clearing my defaults so soon if I new this service was so good I would of signed up earlier myself and husband Anthony Bonanno are very happy and has changed our lives with our future refinancing thank you very much George job well done Tina and Anthony Bonanno

Testimonial 8

Sarena Mayers

I spoke with a lovely consultant Dennis only a few weeks ago and discussed a default on my file I wasn’t even aware of simply because I changed address. Dennis ran me through the process, was completely transparent, professional, and showed me an amazing level of compassion and commitment. Within 30 days, I have already received confirmation it has been removed and I am blown away by how efficient these guys are! I couldn’t be happier knowing I am so much closer to my dream of owning my own home because of them! Thank you so much! 🙂

Testimonial 7

Floral Te’o-Ale

Highly recommend Richard Riker at real credit repairers he went above and beyond to sort out my defaults and was straight up from the get go and came up with the best solutions for my circumstances! You are the bomb bro and I honestly an grateful for your help ! Cheers brother!!
Adam Otto

Testimonial 6

Joseph Peseta

The team here @ The Real Credit Repairers are amazing.
I thank Richard Riker for the work and value the outstanding performance he provided to help Me.
So efficient and swift, if you need assistance regarding your situation.
Richard Riker is the person you need.
Appreciate this service.

Testimonial 5

Jon Toptrailsperth

Amazing company. Excellent service.From the beginning I found Real Credit Repairers to be highly professional, and they instilled confidence in me that if anyone could help they really are the best. They listened carefully to my requests and delivered results multiple times for me within tight time deadlines. I’m hard to contact, but they made it happen. Highly recommend RCR. Friendly, efficient and highly effective are the descriptors that come to mind. They really are awesome.

Testimonial 4

Vee M

Our experience was awesome! We’re happy with the phone deal with the Company. In particular Mr Richard Riker is the best who has been with us every step of the way. First I thought we wont be able to get out of our defaults. Richard was a lifesaver. He is the man of his words. He successfully removed defaults from our credit file. Such an expert and professional. Thanks again!

Testimonial 3

Mikaela Lontoc

Definitely recommended. I have a team of experts handled my husband’s account. I also want a shout out to Dominique who have carefully taken over our account and brought it to a win. He replies to our emails very promptly and give us all the details we need. Their customer service are available every time and will not have you wait if needed answers. Thank you Real Credit. We are one step closer to our dream home. ❤️

Testimonial 2

Denise Nepia

Highly recommended!!! Had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Richard Riker, very professional, communication was impeccable, overall experience was an easy 10/10!! Without his hard work and sheer determination we would not be that one step closer to buying our new home, ‘Not All Hero’s Wear Capes’ 😊😊
Thank-you again Richard

Testimonial 1

Senealiifa Uesele

Initially calling to enquire about the process of having the default removed this company was very informative. My case manager Richard was very helpful and always provided me with prompt responses and I have managed to get the paid default removed. Would highly recommend their service! Now I’m on my way to get my home loan and I now have the peace of mind knowing the default won’t be stopping me.