We Conduct a Credit Check to Make Sure
That Bad Mark is Legitimate

imgMost people discover a mark against their file when applying for a loan, with a credit check revealing a bad rating to the potential lending institution. It can be confusing to know what to do next and feel you are stuck, with very few options. However, a bad mark does not mean you will not be able to apply for finance. It’s possible for it to be removed.

The first step in our 3C Process is to investigate the mark on your file. We look into whether the company that placed the mark has met the legal procedure required to place a mark against your file.

Our Credit Check Service Will Investigate Your Bad Mark

Once you contact our helpful team, we invite you for a meeting to discuss your situation. We conduct our own credit check and further investigate the marks on your file, identifying which companies filed the mark and why, gathering information on the listing.

We conduct our research using the details you have given us which will be discussed during your initial appointment. We also conduct further online research. At this point, we can see whether the mark was filed correctly and if we can move onto the next step in the process, ‘Challenge’.

Removing the Mark from Your File

If the company who made the request to place the mark on your file did not follow the correct procedure and law, we can request to have the mark removed. Many companies do not understand correct legislative protocol and will enter a listing in a manner which is not legal.

If the mark was placed there legitimately, it may not be possible to remove. However, we understand sometimes it can be possible for you to make a mistake in your finances. You may be excellent at paying your bills but sometimes payments can be missed or overlooked. We can negotiate with the company on your behalf to request the removal of the mark. We are dedicated to helping you overcome your past and charge set fees if your outcome is successful, regardless of how complex or time consuming.

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