Our 3C Process

Our Simple 3 Step Process Will Help You Repair Your Credit Rating

Not only is it frustrating, but knowing what to do next to repair your credit rating can be confusing. Finance can be an emotional issue and the mistake people can make when discovering a mark on their file is to respond in anger to the company who placed it there, or worse, obtaining a loan elsewhere, burdened with a huge interest rate.

We understand the emotions of your situation and can put these aside to deal with the issue with careful research, industry expertise and diplomacy. We take an ethical approach to repair your credit rating with our 3C Process, learning the facts about your financial situation and treating each client with respect and understanding. Our experience means we deal professionally with the company who has placed the mark on your file, ensuring clear communication based on detailed research and legal fact.


The 3C Process

When you call our expert team, we meet with you and assess your case, then after careful research, offer a solution. Our helpful 3C Process explains the steps we take to repair your credit rating:

Check: We check the marks against your file and investigate who placed the marks there as well as the reasons behind the mark. We may conduct further research into your history.

Challenge: On your behalf, we challenge the companies who have put a mark against your file. If these defaults have not been filed or processed correctly, or have been placed there unfairly, we arrange to have them removed.

Clean: Once the company agrees to remove the mark against your name, we make arrangements to ensure your file is cleared properly and promptly.

The listings investigated that have been placed on your credit file will only be removed if we have found they have been placed in error. We follow our 3C process to give you the best possible chance making sure the bureau has been listed correctly in accordance with the privacy act.

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We talk you through each stage, explaining technical terms and the reason for decisions and outcomes. Choose the company who will support you throughout the process. We are available now so contact us on 1300 277 355 or send an online enquiry.

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